Why I Treat ALL My Clients Like Athletes - Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the impacts that taking this approach to personal training can have on the individual sessions themselves and the benefits it can offer in helping clients to achieve their goals. Here we look at things from a much more long-term perspective.

I want to take a look at quality of life. As much as you may want a 6-pack, a rounder bum or stronger arms, our quality of life usually becomes the key reason we all work out. We want to live longer, feel better and do more of what we love - all things that athleticism can help with.

If we take a parent, for example, when their child wants to play what will that consist of? Running, jumping, crawling, carrying, lifting and much more. All of these are athletic traits. If you begin to lose these athletic traits then performing them with your child becomes that much harder.

Okay… so you might not be a parent yet, but maybe you have a job that requires you to be sat at a desk all day? Obviously not an activity that in and of itself requires much athleticism. That's exactly the point though - being inactive day in and day out eats away at the athletic characteristics we mentioned in the first part on this topic. How would you say you stack up against the 18 or 21 year-old version of yourself right now? I can’t imagine you fancy your chances too much and athleticism is very much a ‘use it or lose it’ quality. The longer you leave it, the more it diminishes. That doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance though. As explained previously, we can still train and improve these qualities and we can always work on improving quality of life.

This post isn’t here to tell you that you need to be running 100m sprints every day or else your world will fall apart, what it is here to do is ask questions like ‘do you want to be the person talking about what-they-could-do-when-they-were-younger or the person showing everyone what you can do now?’ It’s also here to show you that you don’t need to be running endless miles on a treadmill to achieve your goals and it's possible to make the journey much more interesting and enjoyable for you.

Finally, in part 3 we'll discuss the positive impact on mindset that approaching training like an athlete can have!

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