My Diet Doesn't Work Anymore!

It’s a common problem and we’ve all been there. We start a new diet or training plan, get some decent results but then everything comes to a grinding halt. It’s just a blip, it’s just one week we tell our selves. Come the next week though, still no change. Or the next week. Or the next week.

What do we do then? ‘This doesn’t work!’ we decide and jump on to the next plan only to repeat the process or sometimes even undo the hard work we’ve just done.

So what’s the problem? YOU ARE!

The problem is you are a whole new person. The diet you were running when you were 20lbs heavier isn’t going to be designed for you to now lose the last 10lbs of fat you want to shift. It’s designed for someone 20lbs heavier.

The diet will have been designed based on how many calories you were burning when you were running around at your heavier weight. Now you're 20lbs lighter it takes less calories for your body to perform everyday activities. Try walking up the stairs carrying an extra 20lbs or walking around for an hour with a heavy rucksack on – pretty tiring right?

The key to fat loss is burning more calories than we eat – being in a calorie deficit. If we start burning less calories each day because we’re lighter now then we need to adjust our diet so that we're eating less calories too. We don’t need wholesale changes and a brand new diet to start seeing progress, we just need to tweak our current diet (which has been working!) to fit our new body!

This doesn’t need to be a big change either, we can start chipping away by 150-200 calories until we start to see the progress we’re looking for and then adjust again later on as we go.

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